Discover more than 30 fun rides, rollercoasters, carousels and water rides.

Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills may have first opened its doors in 1983, almost 40 years ago, but this theme park consistently remains a fun and exhilarating place to visit for thrill-seeking couples, families of all ages, and friends. Located on a 59-acre site between Corton and Gunton, which is near Lowestoft, and just four miles from Ivy House. It has, over the years, of course, received various enhancements, new rides and other exciting features added to its iconic landscape, and although it’s kept some of its retro charm from the 80s, it still remains one of the most adventurous parks in the East of England. Here’s a break-down of what to expect, the highlights and how to plan your visit.

All Rides

With over 30 fun rides, rollercoasters, carousels and water rides, you will need a full day at the park to make the most of what’s on offer. With around 25 of the rides suitable for most ages in your family, and a handful designed for adrenaline junkies.

And contrary to popular belief, Pleasurewood Hills isn’t just for thrill-seeking adults and families with tweens and teenagers, there’s also a wide-range of activities and indoors soft play areas for younger children too.

Sometimes the weather and seasons may impact the operation of certain rides so check out which ones are operating by heading to:

Live Displays

Don’t forget to check out the live shows too including Birds of Paradise and Sea Lion Splash. Pleasurewood Hills offers some fantastic shows that continue to entertain audiences decades later.


Possibly the jewel in the park’s crown, perfect for any thrill-seekers out there, is Wipeout, a boomerang-style roller coaster, and as far as we know, it’s the only ride of its kind still operating in the UK.

Wipeout earns its name due to its speed and cobra roll. Once its gathered pace at the top of the lift hill, the rollercoaster train is then released, speeding back through the ride station and making a vertical loop before climbing a heady second lift hill. Wipeout then casually repeats this entire sequence but backwards (naturally).

Wipeout Stats (for the speed demons!)

Top Speed: 50mph
Cost: Roughly £1m
Length: 285m
Height: 37m
G-Force: 5.2g
Trains: 1
Passengers Per Train: 28
Ride Duration: 1 minute 48 seconds


There are various fast-food, take-away and eat-in joints at the park serving burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and ice cream.

Halloween Fun at Pleasurewood Hills

This is an annual institution. Halloween celebrations at the park, “Pleasurewood Chills” is set to become another fun pastime this October half term 2021. Including all of the park’s favourite rides, shows and attractions, and various spooky-themed events taking place throughout the week. You’ll be in for a few extra ‘treats’ if you venture over this Halloween.

Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Pleasurewood Hills

• Pleasurewood Hills was created by business man, Joe Larter in 1983. It started off as a smallish American-themed attraction for families, with a miniature railway and adventure playground.
• Noel Edmonds converted the Haunted Theatre into Crinkley Bottom Castle in the 90s and the park also welcomed appearances by Mr Blobby and Edmonds too.

Visitor’s Info

Usually open at the weekends only during the autumn. Summer opening times will have more availability.

£23 a ticket Children up to 90cm in height (go free!) Concessions also available.

Pleasurewood Hills Leisure Way
NR32 4TZ
01502 586000

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